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Patrick Phipps at Kaboom Books "Life's Rich Pageant"

One Night Only - October 21, 2017 from 7-9pm

Patrick Phipps at Kaboom Books

Houston, TX, October 21, 2017- Patrick Phipps presents recent work at Kaboom Books in the stacks of the used book store. The work from his studio practice is inspired by naive figure drawing and early Renaissance landscape backgrounds. Phipps is known for a broad range of works that often feature layered and clustered figures and marks.

Phipps has organized "Life's Rich Pageant" in the spirit of the strong Houston DIY tradition. Kaboom Books often presents very short-run shows of local artists, as well as readings and lectures on poetry and literary topics. Kaboom owners John and Dee Dillman have been kind enough to offer Phipps space in which to present his work.

The work is installed in the stacks of Kaboom, hung directly from the shelves in front of the books. Phipps sees this installation as a direct connection to the great private libraries of the world, where artwork often sits directly on shelves or hangs in front of books (Phipps references the personal library of Luis Barragan in Mexico City which he saw on a recent visit). Because of the nature of the show and the necessity for Kaboom's customers to have access to the store's stock, the show will run for one night only.

Phipps presents "Life's Rich Pageant" to share more recent work from his time in the studio as a new member of Box 13 on Harrisburg. Phipps draws on his curiosity about the invented landscapes behind Renaissance figure painting (such as the odd vista behind La Gioconda). His experience with landscape as a student was informed with skepticism as to its validity in a contemporary art context. This work attempts to reconcile that skepticism and seeks to discover new avenues of exploration for his own practice. In addition, Phipps shows work completed concurrently with the invented landscapes. This new series explores strange, difficult, or impossible anatomy and open-ended, incomplete figures.

About Patrick Phipps

Phipps lives and works in Houston, Texas. His artwork is part of many state and local private collections. Phipps has been an active part of the arts community in Houston since his beginnings in the University of Houston's Masters of Fine Arts program and his Core Fellowship from 1995-1997, and is known for densely-packed and multi-layered drawings and paintings. Phipps is also a founding member of the local drawing collective Sketch Klubb, active since 2005. His website may be found at and he may be contacted via email at